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Psychological interventions can broadly be viewed as deriving from one of two distinct schools of thought: behavioural, or “depth psychology”. The former, as the name implies, deals primarily with “here-and-now” behaviour, and behaviour modification, whereas the latter seeks to explore past experience and relationship dynamics to gain insight and understanding, which is believed to empower individuals to make effective and enduring changes to behaviour and attitudes.

As a practitioner, I subscribe to both schools, and seek to integrate deeper understanding, with concurrent behavioural modification. I often speak to newer clients about us working on “two levels”, so that not only does the self-awareness and insight happen (which I believe is more sustainable and enduring), but patients also learn to manage problematic behaviour and reactions at the same time. This seems like an efficient and effective approach to me and I have found yields the best results.

More important than this, however, is my aim to tailor psychological interventions to the needs of the individual/s with whom I am working. I am careful to listen to my patients, and meet them at their point of need.

The process

You make initial contact, via phone call, email or SMS, to enquire further or book an appointment.
We schedule an initial appointment, at a mutually convenient time.
I email you a relatively standard “Client Intake Form”, which gets your basic administrative and medical aid data, and your informed consent. You can bring this along with you, or scan and email it back to me.
We meet at the allotted time. This first hour is for me to get a sense of where you are in your life, and what you need therapeutically, but also for you to get a sense of whether you are comfortable working with me.
If you are comfortable, towards the end of this session we will chat about the way forward – how we are going to work together, how regularly we will meet, what we can expect in terms of treatment outcomes, etc.
At this point, you will either authorise me to submit claims directly through your Medical Aid, or pay via cash or EFT.
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