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Agreement and Informed Consent

Limitations of E-Counselling

  • Debbie, via e-counselling, does not purport to diagnose or treat mental illness or medical disorders, and does not become responsible for the wellbeing of her clients.
  • Debbie, via e-counselling, provides a service to relatively well-adjusted individuals, who want to receive psychological counsel and advice. E-Counselling is not intended to replace or substitute any face-to-face intervention for individuals in crisis, dangerous relationships, or who are mentally ill.
  • Debbie is not responsible for any decision, action or inaction that you may take as a consequence of her reply to your letter, or any other correspondence.


Terms of Use

Users of my services should note that they are using the service at their own risk. I cannot guarantee that I will meet your expectations and needs, nor that I can supply you with all the help you need. Despite my best efforts, users should be aware that they may be disappointed, and my help may not be useful at certain times.

In accepting these terms of use you are agreeing that:

  1. You take the risk that the answer to your question may not be in agreement with your religious, ethical, political, and or other beliefs.
  2. You agree that you will not accept any medical advice from Debbie at face value.
  3. You are aware of the difference between on-line short term Counselling and psychotherapy or other face-to-face interventions and the limitations it has in comparison.
  4. You understand that this service does not offer clinical assessment or treatment or crisis intervention.
  5. You understand that in case of emergency, the help that Debbie will offer will consist mainly of directing you to the right address.
  6. By using my service you are not receiving psychotherapy, nor are you under the care of a psychologist or other specialist.
  7. You are aware that Debbie reserves the right to delay an answer for as long as is necessary.
  8. You are aware that your private data will be regarded with confidentiality, except in cases of mandatory reporting laws such as child abuse/neglect, child sexual abuse, paedophilia, criminal intent and criminal acts, domestic violence and a threat to your own, or somebody else’s life or physical integrity.
  9. Debbie is not responsible for security issues and technical problems that may occur on the Internet.
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