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What is E-Counselling?

As an alternative to traditional face-to-face therapy, e-counselling affords people the option of engaging and interfacing with a qualified Psychologist through email correspondence.

E-Counselling is not, and cannot be, psychotherapy.  It is simply not possible, in my view, to provide real therapy to an individual one has not engaged with in person. I view e-counselling more as the provision of a psychological opinion (much like an attorney could provide a legal opinion, based on scrutiny of a set of facts and circumstances). Sometimes all a person needs is the process of writing their story, having it read by a professional, and receiving some high-level, but non-specific advice, as well as pointers for continued thinking, processing and reading.

This modality works best for individuals:

  • Who live in remote areas, under-serviced by Mental Health Professionals.
  • Whose frenetic work/home/travel commitments make regular visits to a psychologist difficult or impossible, but who have an “always on” blackberry or internet connection.
  • Who would prefer to remain anonymous.
  • Who want access to a Psychologist as and when they need, but do not necessarily require weekly face-to-face meetings.
  • Who would like to be held accountable for their life goals, and offered support around these, e.g. weight loss, behaviour change, etc.
  • Who have specific questions of a psychological nature that they would like a considered and expert response to, e.g. parenting concerns.
  • Who benefit from writing, perhaps more than speaking, but would like an objective, professional “audience” to read, probe and guide their journey – almost like “blogging” or journaling.

This modality is not suitable for individuals:

  • Who are suicidal or homicidal.
  • Who are in the care of a psychiatrist and/or are more mentally ill.
  • Who have experienced a traumatic event, i.e. crime.
  • Who are in a physically abusive relationship.


How Does It Work?



Peruse the fee / package options and make your selection

Email Correspondence
1 x comprehensive response to your email
Opportunity for you to respond to my mail, and get a second response from me
(In this option, each of us will have sent two emails, affording greater clarity on both sides)
R1000 (Total)


Proceed with payment, via EFT, using the banking details provided below:

Bank: Standard Bank
Account Name: Debbie Bright Psychologist
Branch Number: 005055
Cheque Account Number: 302374507

You are welcome to email/call Standard Bank for confirmation of the validity of these, to prevent fraud.


E-mail proof of payment together with the details of your circumstances to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Feel free to offer as much detail as is necessary to fully explain your circumstance, concern or question. I will read and consider your email, and reply comprehensively within 48 hours.

Based on how you experience your chat, or email interaction, you will be welcome to order further sessions/correspondence.

What Will You Get?

Please note that I will do my utmost to offer as much sound psychological guidance as I can, whichever modality you select. I will buffer these emails/IM conversations with food for thought, perspectives you may wish to explore, tough questions, recommended reading, experience gleaned from my years in practice, and suggestions.An e-mail/IM conversation response will be no less than one full page in length, but may well be more, depending on the scenario. If, after the initial exchanges, you feel that you would like to engage with me more regularly, and in a more structured manner, we can discuss a bundled rate for the way forward.

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