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I developed a Pre-Marriage Counselling program in response to feedback I was receiving from marrying couples who found the standard church/religious institution’s sessions useful, in one sense, but often inadequate in grappling with some of the deeper concerns that they were experiencing in their journey together, and towards the alter.

All relationships go through ups and downs, and “gather moss” as days turn into weeks, months and years. In this day and age, most couples are very aware, pre-marriage, of the challenges they will face, and where their strengths and weaknesses as an intimate team lie.

My program aims at:

  • Promoting deep and rich communication.
  • Offering various conflict management styles and resolutions to employ in times of relationship turmoil.
  • Assisting couples in laying “ground rules” or “rules of engagement” for their life together.
  • Allowing a safe space to speak candidly about troubles they have experienced to date, focussing specifically on learning from what has worked.

I generally see pre-marrying couple for 3-6 sessions, depending on their needs, and can also accommodate a “marathon-style once-off” session, if this is more convenient.

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