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One of the major pitfalls of traditional "weekly" relationship therapy is that, just when couples are really "getting into it" with a psychologist, the session time is up, and they need to adjourn for another week... But not enough work has been done to be really effective, and the couple leaves feeling somewhat uncontained and directionless, with layers of awkwardness hanging thick in the air.

A second pitfall is the rushed, chaotic nature of modern living, which seldom allows for a real concerted effort to be made to heal and mend relationship connections. Gains made in a weekly meeting with a psychologist may be somewhat diluted and lost in the frenetic pace of board meetings, deadlines, infants, parent-teacher meetings and the Johannesburg reality of being "tired-all-the-time".

In my experience, this often leads to the unnecessary conclusion that a couple “just can’t anymore”, and the sentiment that a divorce may simply be a relief, and an antidote to the tension that is never quite eradicated, despite the best of efforts.

The "first prize" solution to this is, of course, my "BUSH BREAK". For those for whom this is not feasible, I do offer 3-hour marathon counselling sessions, and am available for these during office hours as well as early evenings (3pm-6pm), and Saturdays.

Please contact me to enquire further.

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